reef scene -- my friend Bob photographs anemonefish [

My friend Bob Wolfe, armed with his Nikonos camera setup, photographs a large anemone with two striped Clark's anemonefish. In the Pacific ocean, anemones are typically so large they are commonly referred to by divers as "carpet anemones". This particular species of anemone holds the record for oral disc diameter, at well over three feet. There are also numerous colorful "feather stars" or crinoids visible, and even a number of three-spot damselfish (look for the black fish with white spots on the yellow crinoid).

anemonefish identification: Amphiprion Clarkii
anemone identification: Stichodactyla mertensii (previously Stoichactis giganteum)
damselfish identification: Dascyllus trimaculatus
diver identification: Homo sapiens

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