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Jeff's Nudibranch Site and Coral Reef Gallery, also known by the domain, features the personal underwater photography collection of Jeffrey Jeffords. Many of the images featured here have appeared, with permission of the author, in a wide range of media such as books, magazines, newspapers and the web. See below for contact information:
1997-2003 Jeffrey N. Jeffords. Please remember that all of the material on this Web site is copyrighted, and may not be used in any form, even on the Internet, without a licensing agreement. Exception: teachers and educators using the material in a classroom setting, students using this material for school assignments; or anyone for personal, noncommmercial use such as screen savers. Unauthorized usage is a violation of the Federal Copyright Law. E-mail me for permission to use at this

All photographs appearing in this site are the property of Jeffrey N. Jeffords and are protected under United States and international copyright laws. The photographs may not be reproduced for commercial purposes, displayed on the internet, or manipulated without the written permission of the copyright owner.