Ambonian shrimp, Thor amboinensis [140K]

Ambonian shrimp, also known as Squat Anemone shrimp, are small shrimp less than 1/2 inch (1.3 cm) in size. A common species in both the Indo-Pacific and Caribbean, it is named for the island of Ambon in Indonesia. This pair was located close to the base of an anemone, in their characteristic defensive fantail-high posture. In the Philippines they seem to be most commonly associated with Beaded Sea Anemones, Heteractis aurora, though they are also associated with other types of anemones, including tube anemones. The anemone H. aurora is typically seen in an exposed sandy area, and is capable of quickly retracting into the sand if disturbed.

Shrimp Identification: Thor amboinensis

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