This is one of my favorite shots from print film, showing a reddish soft coral in the foreground, with a diver and the sun in the background. Soft corals such as this come in a multitude of pastel colors, all pleasing to the eye.  This type of coral is soft to the touch, and bends slightly in the current.

Those that have used underwater cameras will appreciate the fact that the timing for a shot such as this can be difficult to attain. You're struggling to maintain your buoyancy and position against the current, while in an awkward position holding the strobe away from your body to minimize backscatter. Hopefully, you will time the shutter release to capture a natural-appearing silhouette of the diver and the right perspective with the foreground. Meanwhile, as you hold your breath to prevent the bubbles from entering the field of view, your mask is slowly flooding, salt water runs up your nose, and you're trying to remember if there's film in the camera... doesn't it sound fun?!!

Identification of coral: Dendronephthya sp.

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