Black-spotted pufferfish [61k]

This Black-spotted puffer is very common sight on Indo-Pacific reefs. This one is on the move, but these gentle, solitary fish may often be seen resting in a sponge or among coral branches. As with the other types of nearly 90 species of pufferfish, they inflate themselves by gulping down water when disturbed. Unlike the thick-skinned porcupinefish (also of family Tetradontidae, "fused teeth"), the Black-spotted puffer has relatively thin skin and small, short spines.  This one is about seven inches in length. This species may vary from a gray base color to yellow. Pufferfish are also known as "blowfish" or "globefish".

Identification:  Arothron nigropunctatus

same species pufferfish resting among corals 

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