This is a close shot of a nudibranch whose physical shape and size resemble another nudibranch shown on the previous page called Nembrotha chamberlaini (two previous thumbnails to the left on the previous page). The colors, however, are completely different and this particular species is much more uncommon. The colors closely resemble another nudibranch known as Nembrotha kubaryana, but the texture of the notum (dorsum) is striated without the pronounced bumps of Nembrotha kubaryana, and this species has numerous green stripes along its notum. I only saw perhaps only three or four of these in all my dives at Batangas (but I'd seen Nembrotha chamberlaini at least once on nearly every dive).

Identification: unknown, therefore tentatively,
Nembrotha sp.

The neon orange color is the natural color and seems to be accurately represented in this photo.

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