moray eel (#59A, added 12 Jan '98)
Moray eels generally hide under coral heads or in holes during the daylight. They are curious in nature and may often be lured from their holes enough for divers to get a good look or even "pet". They look menacing but this reputation is undeserved; they must constantly move their jaws open and shut to aid with water circulation over their gills. Moray eel skin is silky smooth and slimy to the touch-- if you're lucky enough to find one that tolerates touching.

Moray eels are known to grow to over 11 feet in length.

moray eel (#60A, added 12 Jan '98)
moray eel #2 [82k]

moray eel (#61A, added 12 Jan '98)
moray eel #3 [95k]

moray eel #4 [67k]; scanned from negative
moray eel #4

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