macro reef scene #3 [131k]

In this macro view of the reef, a triplefin stares at the camera as it rests on a pair of blue tunicates. The near tunicate has its sphincters constricted, inhibiting the flow of water-- a typical reaction if the animal is disturbed, even if only by the passing of a shadow. At left are a translucent species of tunicate with dark spots, along with a green-colored species (note the constriction of the small siphons). Tunicates, also known as sea squirts, have a nerve cord, making them the invertebrates most closely related to the vertebrates. They are often confused with sponges, but are unrelated.


 Rhopalaea sp. (blue tunicates)
Atriolum robustum (green tunicates)
Clavelina moluccensis (clear tunicates with spots)

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