cuttlefish [146K]

A close relative of the octopus, cuttlefish have an identical ability to quickly change skin color and texture. Many divers believe (as I do) that cuttlefish (and octopus) assume different colors depending on their mood. Cuttlefish are very intelligent creatures. Like the octopus, they use jet propulsion to move about and possess the ability to squirt a cloudy "ink" solution when attempting to flee a predator. They have large eyes and may often be approached within a few feet, as I did with this one. The behavior shown, with two of its tentacles raised, is typical of a posture assumed just before lashing out with whip-like appendages to capture its prey (typically a fish... no, not me in this case).

Sepia latimanus

One more view of a cuttlefish [107k]

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