anemoneshrimp on anemone host (#24A)

This anemoneshrimp is less than 3/4 inch in length. This type of shrimp is also found on other types of hosts, including bubble coral, mushroom coral, and certain jellyfish. Besides the Indo-Pacific region, anemone shrimp are also found in the Red Sea.

The purple-spotted background in the picture is the "skin" of the sea anemone column (body trunk).

There is uncertainty among scientists regarding whether symbionts such as anemone shrimp and porcelain crabs are "facultative symbionts" or "obligate symbionts". As mentioned previously, organisms that may, but don't need to live with an unrelated species of organism are termed "facultative symbionts". Those that must, such as anemonefishes, are "obligate symbionts". Less is known about the lives of these creatures than is known about anemonefish.

Identification of anemone shrimp: Periclimenes holthuisi
Identification of sea anemone: Heteractis magnifica

one more anemoneshrimp

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