This is an example of a nudibranch that does not advertise itself with bright colors-- instead it uses protective coloration to disguise itself on the reef by blending in with its background. This particular specimen is only about 1/2 inch in length.

Special thanks to Mike Miller  for his help with recognizing this unknown nudibranch, a type of
tritoniid consistent with one he has seen and with an identical nudibranch pictured in Sea Slugs of Western Australia by Fred E. Wells and Clayton W. Bryce.

Update 3/19/97: This specimen closely resembles two undescribed species labeled
Marionia sp. in the book Nudibranchs of Southern Africa by Terry Gosliner, especially the second photo (sp. 2), which has visible blue spots, similar to the photo in Clayton Bryce's book.

Identification: unknown; tentatively,
Marionia sp.

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