I'd like to thank California diver Peggy Hetlage for the following scans of postage stamps with nudibranchs. Peggy says she knows of about 60 stamps with nudibranchs on them. All the countries listed on the stamps are in the Pacific Ocean except the Isle of Man, which is an island in the Atlantic Ocean, near the European continent.

nudibranch stamps-- Vanuatu
Vanuatu -- more  here
nudibranch stamps-- Isle of Man
Isle of Man
nudibranch stamps-- New Zealand
New Zealand-- this stamp sheetlet  has the nudibranch on the top row to the right.
nudibranch stamps-- New Guinea
Papua New Guinea
nudibranch stamps-- Solomon Islands
Solomon Islands

nudibranch stamp-- Australia
Australia, Bennett's Nudibranch -- for larger version click here to move down the page to Paul Cambridge's contributions from Australia.

For the following stamps and stamp sheetlet scans, I owe thanks to seaslug stamp collector Louise Wilson, a native Scot currently living in Australia. She tells me stampville.com was a source for some of her stamps. Another helpful collector, Canadian Dr. Steve Morphy, tells me making a "wish list" and submitting it to dealers is a good way to collect particular stamps.

This Kenya stamp was issued June 27, 1980 as part of a marine life series.
This stamp from Angola is labeled "Expo '98" in the upper right corner and "Oceanos" on the lower left.

"The World Down Under" (1995) from Australia features a Blue Dorid nudibranch, one of my favorites.
In nature this nudibranch is usually found bearing a naturally purple color scheme, as shown here.

Commonwealth of Dominica
"International Year of the Ocean" from the Commonwealth of Dominica, featuring an aeolid nudibranch, bottom right.

This collection from Niue is all nudibranchs.

"Marine Life -- Series I" from Malaysia

Christmas Island-- there's a dorid nudibranch in the lower right stamp.

Christmas Island again-- an aeolid nudibranch on this September 1989 issue stamp and original-issue envelope.

Hong Kong, from 2003. Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park issue featuring corals, with a dorid nudibranch Hypselodoris festiva in the background.

Issued in May 2004, this "Marine Life of Palau" series shows two nudibranchs-- the last in the second row is Risbecia tryoni
and the third from the left in the last row is Chromodoris coi.

dorid nudibranch Hypselodoris bullocki

Glossodoris cruentus

When Louise Wilson sent the Mozambique series of nudibranch stamp scans I thought they looked familiar-- and with good reason.
All seven (two above, five below) of these stamps from Mozambique, issued as part of "The World of the Sea" series have
images that were pirated directly from my web site! Was it really the government of Mozambique, or some rogue (with PhotoShop skills) counterfeiting collectible stamps?
I don't know. Well, at least they look good. Click on the species link to compare for yourself.

Glossodoris hikuerensis


Hypselodoris bullocki this is not exactly the same nudibranch image as the one currently posted on my site. I replaced the image with another from the same roll of film.

Phyllidia coelestis

Phyllidia elegans

Chromodoris leopardus

"Noumea Aquarium" issue from New Caledonia, December 1964 featuring the species Cyerce elegans

This New Caledonia stamp from 1959 features the sea slug Glaucus atlanticus

from a Norfolk Island July 1993 issue, Glaucus atlanticus

Phyllidia ocellata from Norfolk Island, 1993

Bornella sp. from the same Norfolk Island issue, 1993

Glossodoris rubroannolata, Norfolk Island 1993

nudibranch Halgerda willeyi,  Norfolk Island 1993 issue stamp

nudibranch Chromodoris amoena, Norfolk Island 1993 issue stamp

This is from a series issued in Palau in 1987 celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the World Ecology Movement,
 the beginning of which was marked by the publication of the book "Silent Spring" by Rachel Carson. The book called attention to the
pressures of humanity on the environment, especially pollution. The stamp features a banded coral shrimp and
the nudibranch Chromodoris quadricolor.

The nudibranch Doridoxa ingolfiana is featured in the middle of this 1991 French Polynesia stamp, scanned from an original issue envelope

Cyerce sp. (top), Nembrotha sp. (middle), and Flabellina sp. (bottom) in three artist-conception reditions of nudibranchs on
these stamps from Somalia, issued in November 1999.

Special thanks to Paul Cambridge in nudibranch-blessed Australia for providing this image of stamps from Australia (minted in May 2012). Paul says "for the last few years I have
filled in an Australia Post survey saying that I would like more Australian nudibranch stamps. To my immense joy, a new set of Australian nudibranch stamps was released this week."

Bennett's Nudibranch

Another Australian nudibranch: Bennett's Nudibranch, from Australia.  credit: Paul Cambridge

Cocos Islands Nudibranchs

This sheet of stamps "Colours of Cocos (Keeling) Islands features a nudibranch closeup on the right column, in the center. Phyllidia cf. varicosa.  credit: Paul Cambridge

closeup of Phyillidia cf. varicosa

A close-up scan of the stamp Phyllidia cf. varicosa from the above Colours of Cocos stamp sheet.  credit: Paul Cambridge

Nudibranchs of Vanuatu

Nudibranchs of Vanuatu (Pacific Islands). issued in October 2008.  Four individual Vanuatu stamps are at the top of this page.   credit: Paul Cambridge