Pair of razorfish (or shrimpfish) added 14 Sept '98 [91K]

These two razorfish (or shrimpfish) were seen on a night dive in about 20 feet of water. There are two genera and four individual species of this fish represented in the Indo-Pacific. This particular species has a visibly hinged spine in dorsal fin, which distinguishes it from at least one other species of razorfish with a straight fin. Razorfish feed on tiny crustaceans swimming near the ocean bottom. The juveniles are known to seek shelter among the spines of sea urchins, and the adults tend to school near whip coral patches or beds of sea grass.

Sometimes on a night dive I could hear a school of these fish as I approached-- their bodies are so rigid they sound like pieces of a glass wind chime as they brushed against one another. As with most reef fish at night, they may be closely approached when caught in the confusing beam of a diver's light.

Aeoliscus strigatus

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