This large shot is of at least five Clark's Anemonefish (A. clarkii) hovering over their host anemone, along with several other types of creatures: a bright red crinoid, a blue starfish, fire coral (behind and to left of the crinoid), and tubastrea corals (below and right of the large anemonefish in upper right corner). The black fish species is another type of anemonefish, called a Three-Spotted Damselfish or Three-Spot Dascyllus after its characteristic white spots (scientific name Dascyllus trimaculatus). There are several of Three-Spot Dascyllus in the upper left corner, hovering just above the anemone tentacles (anemone: Entacmaea quadricolor).

Clark's Anemonefish, 3-Spot Dascyllus and reef

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